New to our facials and lost for choice? Some of our patients have kindly made the job easier for you by leaving a review of the treatment they had enjoyed at SW1 Spa.

If you’re still unsure on what you’d like to try, do feel free to speak to any of our friendly Beauty Sages at SW1 Spa who will be more than thrilled to share with you on the most suitable facial(s) for your skin goals.


“I loved the results of the 717 facial and especially loved being able to show off my skin without covering up with layers of makeup.” Read More



“Marilyn Monroe was famed for her porcelain skin, and the Monroe Hydrafacial was so named for her coveted glow. It did not disappoint.” Read More



“After the treatment, my lips were truly the softest they have ever been. I could rub my lips together without all the flakes making a scene, and I could not stop touching them. The results were more than I could have asked or hoped for.” Read More



“My skin looked absolutely pristine and bright after the facial, even my husband noticed the difference once I got home.“ Read More



“I don't get large pimples often but now I know where to go to for the guaranteed fix whenever I need it.” Read More



“I strongly recommend anyone who’s looking towards getting a quick fix in achieving a naturally glowing and radiant look!“ Read More