Melody Tan, 28

I was a former customer of the clinic which was founded by the same doctors of the SW1 Clinic. I was very happy to have found them after they left the previous establishment in late 2016. I realized the SW1 Spa has many new treatments and decided to try one of their new facials.

My therapist recommended I try their new Monroe Hydrafacial, because I have clear but dull-looking skin. SW1 Spa uses the patented Hydrafacial MD system which is normally done in a doctor’s clinic, and addresses all skin types, from oily, to normal and dehydrated skin. It is popular because it is the only facial that penetrates deep enough for an anti-aging effect, by stimulating collagen production.

My face was thoroughly cleansed via the suction extraction tip which infused a clarifying and antioxidant serum into my pores at the same time. This step felt a little like microdermabrasion except it wasn’t abrasive. My therapist skillfully maneuvered the tip over my entire face in swift strokes across the cheeks, and in quick, slightly more forceful twists at my oily T-zone. My therapist showed me the gunk which was collected later and I was honestly impressed (and embarrassed at the same time) at how efficient the cleansing was.

Marilyn Monroe was famed for her porcelain skin, and the Monroe Hydrafacial was so named for her coveted glow. It did not disappoint. After the Hydrafacial, I was treated to LED red and blue light therapy to calm my skin down and to promote skin rejuvenation. My skin was then treated with a vitamin infusion of 2 different vitamins, before a pure Pearl Eclat gel mask was applied to seal all the goodness in. This last step definitely made all the difference. My already squeakly clean and brighter-looking complexion further transformed into an amazing romantic glow.

This is definitely the facial for any glow addict!

[ 9.5/10 ]

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