Rachel Koh, 34

A lot of women who have had at least one child will agree with me that pregnancy brings about a myriad of possible skin changes. I was one of the lucky ones who experienced the "pregnancy glow" while I was pregnant I was even more chuffed when my skin continued to look plump and radiant for the 8 months that I was breastfeeding my son.

My skin took a drastic turn after I stopped breastfeeding. The next two months following cessation of breastfeeding, it was as if my skin had lost all the glow that it miraculously possessed. It became dry and looked somewhat dull and lifeless. My usual foundation could no longer cover the enlarged pores, and I started applying more foundation in my attempt to cover up these imperfections. Then the occasional acne started.

I decided I needed help, and set out to look for a facial that would restore radiance. I was aware that many spa treatments promised glowing skin; none of those I tried were satisfactory. I realized I needed something more.

The Illumi Facial from SW1 Spa is designed by the team of aesthetic doctors from SW1 Clinic, and this was the winning forumula for me. I felt more confident that this was going to give me the results I needed, going to a place with a proven track record in medical aesthetics. I felt very pampered the whole time I was there. The spa rooms are spacious with clean and comfortable beds. The atmosphere was ethereal with soft, inviting lights and a mild aromatherapy scent that was not at all over-powering. I was delighted to hear one of my favourite pieces from Yanni playing softly in my room.

Once I got settled in the room, the facial started off with a rather thorough but gentle cleansing. My therapist proceeded to apply a Pumpkin Enzyme Peel to melt away dead skin cells. Just what I needed! No harsh exfoliations that would redden and humiliate my skin. But that was just the prelude to this red carpet facial. The highlight is the Infra-red therapy that restores elasticity and lifts mildly sagging skin. The cold gel applied prior to the infra-red treatment made the entire process so comfortable. Once it was over, I was treated to a luxurious Green Tea and Ginger mask which was soaked with natural anti-oxidants to further combat signs of aging and to calm my skin down.

The mask was removed after about 10 minutes (to be honest it could have been 30 minutes as the entire process was so comforting that I dozed off during this part of the treatment) and my skin was again pampered with gentle sonophoresis to enhance my skin's absorption of Vitamin C which I was told, was specific for restoring glow and brightening complexion, as well as Hyaluronic Acid, for anti-aging and soothing purposes.

I was further treated to White Plasma, an oil-free skin brightening and pigmentation correcting facial serum and the 24K Gold Skin Primer, a high antioxidant and skin smoothing moisturizer to wrap up the absolutely satisfying session.

My skin looked absolutely pristine and bright after the facial, even my husband noticed the difference once I got home. Now that I have had such a positive experience with my first Illumi Facial, I am looking forward to trying SW1 Spa's other highly coveted facials and treatments.

[ 9/10 ]

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