Daphne Tan, 29

Two days before I was to go for my job interview, I woke up with a large painful pimple cyst on my chin. It was so large that I took a photo of it immediately and sent it to my best friend, who told me to try the Pimple ER treatment at SW1 Clinic.

Apparently there is an emergency pimple treatment which would be more fast-acting and effective than any pimple cream that one can find. I quickly found my way to the clinic; thankfully they were able to squeeze me in for the quick fix as I was told it would be a fast and hassle-free procedure.

I was led to the treatment room where I was asked to rest on a rather comfortable treatment chair. The procedure was incredibly simple. After the nurse cleaned the chin area for me, she iced the pimple to numb it slightly and the doctor injected a minute amount of prepared medication directly into the pimple with a very small and thin needle. The injection hurt only so little and after about two seconds, it was all over. Next, the nurse applied an antibiotic and healing balm and gently held a massager over the pimple for approximately ten seconds. She then dressed the pimple with a nano-silver patch to promote anti-bacterial healing, and further camouflaged the pimple with a skin coloured patch, which I was told to remove in about an hour.

About two to three hours after removing the patch, I noticed the cyst had already flattened very significantly and the redness was now a mild pink! What was left was tiny pigment instead of a raging lump that was threatening to explode probably on the day of my job interview. Sure, my husband learnt about it that evening and thought I was being rather dramatic running to the doctor's for a plain zit, but for me it saved me from possible scarring and I attribute a small part of the success of my job interview to this miraculous pimple zapping treatment from SW1 Clinic. I don't get large pimples like these often but now I know where to go to for the guaranteed fix whenever I need it.

[ 10/10 ]

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