Hannah, 21

I’ve always had chapped lips. I’m not even sure why, maybe it’s because I don’t drink enough water or I hang out too much in the sun. But either way I was getting pretty tired of my lips constantly being dry and cracking easily. I had tried a lot of different things, like lip balms and moisturizers. Every time I did wear matte lipsticks, I could feel the product sinking into the creases and lines of my lips, and it looked pretty awful.

I decided to treat myself to Lip Fabulosity facial at SW1 Spa, and to be honest I really did not expect it to work as well as it did. I was very pleasantly greeted by the soothing ambience of the clinic. The entire place was a soft baby hue of pink and had a very soft and comfortable lounge.

Inside the room, my aesthetician helped me settle into the soft bed/reclining chair, and covered me up with a fluffy white blanket. The room smelled so good, and there was soothing music playing in the background. The light was wafting in through the window, and everything looked so dream-like.

She began by cleaning my lips. Then, she placed an apple-pumpkin enzyme layer over my lips, and my oh my, it smelled amazing. I’m not even sure how to describe it but this might actually be one of the best things I have smelled in my life. I have to admit, at this point I was actually getting pretty sleepy. Then, she began exfoliation and was massaging my lips. It felt so good, I believe that at this point I actually fell asleep, because I don’t quite remember much beyond this point. I woke up again when they placed this thick gel-like product over my lips. It slowly hardened, and then they peeled it off in one piece. I was thoroughly amused by it and couldn’t help but smile a little bit. After applying a little product on my lips, I was good to go.

After the treatment, my lips were truly the softest they have ever been. I could rub my lips together without all the flakes making a scene, and I could not stop touching them. The results were more than I could have asked or hoped for.

If you want baby lips, you know where to go!

[ 9/10 ]

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