5 skincare mistakes that’s making your acne worse

Truth: Everyone hates zits

No one wants to deal with zits on their faces and we feel you. That’s why we’re here to cut straight to the point and give you the lowdown on what’s making your acne worse and what you can do instead to speed up the healing process.

Popping pimples

I know what’s running through that mind of yours because I’ve been there before. Your zit looks ripe for the picking and figured the best way to get that obnoxious spot out of your sight is to simply pop it.  Wrong! Instead let it take its time to heal. Besides, popping it could lead to the spread of bacteria to other parts of your face and the last thing you would want is a colony of pimples making its home on your cheek.

Try using gentle AHAs to heal and reduce acne blemishes. Fruit Enzyme Refining and Renewing Serum is gentle enough to be used daily while promoting exfoliation of skin cells while soothing inflamed skin.

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Using too many products

You may think the more the merrier when it comes to layering your skin with various skincare products in the hopes of speeding up the healing process. On the contrary, using too many products could end up confusing your skin and making it more irritable. Keep to no more than 5 skincare products if you really must but stick to these basics.

1. A good cleanser

2. A facial toner

3. Serum

4. Moisturiser

5. Sunscreen

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Letting sweat settle on your face

Yes we live in a climate like Singapore where sweating is akin to breathing; it just happens on a subconscious level and it’s not something we can help. But what we can help is being more aware of it and taking care to not let sweat sit on our faces. Sweat is a breeding ground for bacteria and with bacteria comes acne. Nip that in the bud and freshen up your face with a cleanser or toner every time your skin gets a little too greasy for you liking.

We love Reset Rejuvenating Facial Mist for its multitasking abilities as a hydrating mist as well as a cleanser for light makeup. Great for refreshing skin without leaving an oily residue.

Over exfoliating

Have you heard too much of a good thing is a bad thing? This same principle applies to exfoliation too. No doubt dermatologists extol the benefits of exfoliation, in promoting skin cell turnover and improving one’s radiance and glow. However if you do it too much, you’re more likely to irritate your skin and in the worst case scenario, cause scarring to your skin as excessive exfoliation can cause your zit to pop.

Thankfully you can choose between a manual exfoliant (beads and scrubs) or a chemical exfoliant (acids). If you think you could be erring on the heavy-handed side, consider a chemical exfoliant which you leave on like a mask and simply let it do its magic. The same rule applies: do not over-exfoliate, exfoliate once to twice a week is good enough.

Resorting to acne products when you have a breakout

If you know your skin is prone to acne breakouts, be consistent in using skincare products that treat acne so that you’re not only going to battle with it  when the time calls for it but you’re also maintaining your defences and keeping acne at bay. Besides when you’re experiencing a breakout, it’s likely that your skin is already feeling sensitive and loading it with acids and acne fighting ingredients might just irritate it further. Be consistent and let your skin reap the benefits of a good skincare regime that works for you.

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