Your Chance to Flawless Celebrity Skin in 5 Easy Steps

What is the real truth behind celebrity skin? Everyone aims to have flawless skin in one way or another. Is it about having a disciplined skincare routine or just simply following tiny steps that may go a long way for your skin? Sometimes, it is really about the small things that matter the most. Harsh and elongated routines may not be relevant nowadays and you will be surprised at how some celebrities keep it simple. Simple works best!

Here are the 5 easy steps to follow by:

Get Skin-Hydrated

Using an alcohol-free toner will keep your skin looking healthy. It will also effectively receive the moisture it needs. You can seal it in with a serum such as hyaluronic acid. It is also recommended to use water-based gel masks to replenish the skin while hydrating parched skin cells. Partner this with consuming a generous supply of water and you will be able to achieve skin hydration in no time. Gwyneth Paltrow swears by this! Water is definitely a powerful healing source for the skin and body.

SW1 Clinic also recommends that after getting the much-needed hydration, you can plump it up even more with its Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing. It aids in the removal of whiteheads, blackheads and aged surface skin cells. Facials can also help you maintain a clear and refined looking skin. Furthermore, the Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing promotes skin metabolism, something you do not really achieve out of ordinary facials.

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Many are ignorant of the fact that the sun can greatly penetrate through your skin and damage its structure. UVA and UVB rays are the two different types of rays that cannot only burn your skin but reach to deeper areas in the skin. UVB is what causes sunburn while UVA penetrates in deeply causing a possibility of skin cancer. UV light is almost everywhere and can come in through your windows, car, your home especially and office as well. It is the number one cause of premature ageing and sunscreen is a necessary part of your skincare routine. Remember to lather it on your neck as well to protect it from sun damage.

Some people go through hyper-pigmentation and we hold a range of solutions for you to get involved with. For instance, the professional chemical peels can manage the problem of sun damaged skin, pigmentation and ageing skin.

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Going Bare Face

Make up can be a fussy business after a while, and you may get sick and tired of the daily hassle of washing your make up brushes, beauty blender and eye shadow sticks. This gives you the ultimate opportunity to go bare face! Your skin needs its space to breathe and recuperate. It is advisable to avoid wearing a tonne of foundation as it gives you less energy to wash and cleanse. Without proper cleansing and toning, your face may be susceptible to breakouts, and that is the last thing you would want to face.

On the other hand, make up is not entirely a bad thing as some may even have added benefits on your face. Brands such as Tarte have organic ingredients such as minerals, Vitamin C and even SPF to help protect you from the harmful rays of the sun. The most important thing to take away from wearing make-up is to ensure a religious daily cleansing thorough routine, one that effectively strips of layers of dirt and impurities. In any case, what is the harm in going bare face once in a while? Put on your sunscreen and let your skin play by naturally!

If you feel like you need a therapeutic face pampering session when going bare face, we can give you the opportunity to cleanse and exfoliate with a range of pure vitamins, specially curated by the doctors in SW1 Clinic. The Vitamin Therapy consists of natural antioxidants to fight free radical damage, stimulate collagen as well as help repair uneven skin tone or discolouration.

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Consistency is Key

There are dangers to exposing your skin to chemicals, especially one of a variety. If you lather on different products to your skin on a daily basis, it may be susceptible to its harsh detriments. Your skin might not be used to its harsh effects and could eventually lead to more breakouts and blemishes. Moreover, the use of different products on your face without a proper cleansing routine may lead to skin dehydration. Your skin could possibly be stripped off its layer of essential moisture, which then may force you to go back to basics of exfoliating, hydrating and moisturising.

Sometimes, even a change in products, could prevent you from exfoliating your skin due to the intensity of its harshness. Hence, it is important to stick to a product range that is tried and tested or rather recommended by the dermatologist. Give it a time frame of about five to six months before changing your skin products. Trust in your products and you will most likely be able to see its wondrous effects in about two months or so.

With the harsh use of chemicals on your face, your skin is susceptible to aggravation and unnecessary stretching it does not require. If you experience this, you can opt for our Refresh and Refine skin program in order to create new, strong and elastic collagen fibers to replace old ones.


Hot water exfoliating may be really detrimental to your skin. It may cause redness and burning if not handled properly. Try to avoid exfoliating with hot water. If you would want to open your pores, then try a steam bath for your face specifically, but try to refrain from washing your face with hot water.

After the steam bath, your pores should be ready for exfoliation. Use a face scrub, which contains acids that is suitable for your skin type. A recommended product would be Gold Flakes Illuminating facial scrub. It leaves your skin feeling fresh, smooth and ready to absorb vital ingredients after an exfoliation.

Once exfoliation is completed, women may feel like they need an extra lift, to receive the full package. Celebrities go through the Youth Illuminage Programme, which is specially curated for ageing skin. It helps to lift and tighten sagging skin. Indulge in this programme to get a feel of how it is like to have celebrity skin!