3 beauty fixes that is changing how you look after pregnancy

As much as we enjoy being a mama and having our very own little bundle to love and to hold, let’s face it, pregnancy has definitely changed our body - the way it looks and the way we feel about it. While you are still trying to figure out your new role as mother, we’ve got you covered with some beauty tips that just might tip the beauty scales for all you lovely mums.

Hormones after pregnancy

One thing we can all agree on is how our hormones go out of whack during our pregnancy. To keep your reproductive system functioning well and in a healthy state, your needs to produce estrogen and progesterone. In normal circumstances, ie un-pregnant, t two hormones would normally be at balance, but hormone levels shift as you go through pregnancy and after birth. Food cravings? Emotional meltdowns? Don’t they all sound a tad too familiar? Besides emotional changes a new mom may experience, your skin too might experience a whole set of skin woes never once experience before including acne, hair loss and dry skin.

You might be comforted to know you’re not the only one feeling a little confused and frustrated with all these changes happening all at once. And even further comforted to know that there are things you can do to get yourself looking the yummy mummy your always envisioned yourself to be!


Commonly known as hyperpigmentation and the “mask of pregnancy”, the dark patches on your face than can occur on cheeks, forehead, nose and even lips happen when there is high levels of progesterone and oestrogen during pregnancy. It can be made worse from over exposure to the sun. For some lucky ladies, it disappears after delivery but for others, it may take months or even longer for them to completely disappear.

Treatments from melasma vary from topical serums to laser treatments to effectively eradicate melasma. Agreed that it’s not easy to treat but at least it can be mitigated with the appropriate treatments.

In addition to the treatments, it’s important to continue to keep you skin well protected with a high spectrum sunscreen.


Post-partum acne is not uncommon to many ladies after childbirth, no thanks to, you guessed the H-word. Hormones.  Instead of fighting back with harsh skincare products that may actually do more harm than good, consider products that are gentle for your skin but with the right kinds of acid to keep misbehaving skin in check. Alternatively, if you can find the time, opt for an FDA-approved laser treatment to treat troubled skin.

 Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the most alarming beauty problems that many women encounter after childbirth. During pregnancy, your hormones prevent normal hair loss which is why many women find that their hair really is in a state of glory during this period. However, some women may notice excessive hair loss after giving birth.

What’s good to know though is that this is a temporary effect. But if this is a side effect you rather not have to wait it out, consider a hair treatment to strengthen hair follicles and rejuvenate thinning hair to regain a lush crop of hair you’re proud to call your own, again.