Beauty Begins With A…“V”?

If you’re in the education industry and you’re reading this, hold off on your vehement protest! Let me explain.

I do know my ABCs alright – of course I know beauty starts with a “b”. The title was not meant to be literal; I’m just trying to tell you that the first steps to take in attaining ethereal beauty begins with v…for vitamins.

Easy as ABC
Vitamins are not conventionally associated with beauty, and is more of a staple around the health circles. Other than the benefits vitamins can provide for your body internally, you’ll be surprised to know the world of good it brings to your external well-being too. Vitamins are essentially the unsung heroes of the beauty world, often uncredited but silently effective. I’m going to take you through an alphabetical journey through the world of vitamins… and I won’t be going by the book. Bear with me once again, grammar Nazis and lingual elitists!

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A is for… Collagen
Collagen is a staple element in beauty circles, and rightfully so. It is a component where your youth is sustained with a healthy level of collagen, and lost when production levels start dropping. Collagen production in our body is at its peak in our younger days, and is the reason why our skin was supple enough to put a spring in our step. As you get older, the collagen factory line starts losing its efficiency, and skin quality starts to dip as well. Cue the introduction of Vitamin A. Also known as retinol, this vitamin serves a multitude of purposes, and does more than boost the production of our in-house collagen. Vitamin A also aids in the reduction of pigmentation and controls sebum production, the scourge of all acne breakouts. Have an ace up your sleeve when it comes to the fight against aging with products like Age Defy and Super Helper, wonder creams with a highly concentrated amount of retinoids for all the skin rejuvenation perks you need.

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C is for… Antioxidant
The urge to purge is real in times of overindulgence, particularly when we stuff our faces during that buffet, or have way more than that couple of beers.  A detox is in order, and Vitamin C happens to be one of the keys to the detoxification process of the skin. Also another multi-functional vitamin, Vitamin C (scientifically known as ascorbic acid) is arguably the best all-rounder when it comes to skin health. Its impressive repertoire includes UV protection, acceleration of skin repair, pigmentation reduction and of course, a much-needed boost of collagen. A serum like the White Plasma is the colour-corrector you need for your skin, on top of all the mentioned benefits you stand to reap. If an even skin tone is still not enough for you, this product gives you a radiance and glow that’s bound to shave years off your actual age.

E is for… Hydration
As you get on in years, your skin’s ability to retain moisture starts to falter, and your skin will start to get dry. Dry skin also happens to be the hotbed for the most telling tell-tale signs of old age – think crows’ feet, fine lines, and wrinkles. The need to hydrate is dire, and no vitamin comes greater than Vitamin E when it comes to your skin’s hydration needs. Also another antioxidant and collagen booster, Vitamin E is the unprecedented moisturizer of the skin, and when administered boasts substantial anti-inflammatory abilities that can prevent signs of premature aging. Aging typically begins around the eyes, and a vitamin E-rich product like the Emerald Oil will come in pretty handy against the fine lines, crow’s feet, eye bags and dark eye circles that tend to sprout on your skin over time.

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If you haven’t already noticed, these 3 vitamins I’ve just highlighted actually spell out “ACE”… which also happens to be what I’d say vitamins’ effects are on the skin… ACE!