You wash your face, brush your teeth and remove your eye makeup-but we bet you've never even thought about cleaning your lips. And considering everything from lipstick to lunch that comes in contact with them, not to mention lip-biting moments, harsh climates and environmental pollutants, they’re in need of some serious TLC.

Our Lip Fabulosity treatment features a breakthrough approach to giving sad, lackluster mouths the kiss-off. Pumpkin apple enzymes gently melt away dead cells and erase stubborn stains from food residue and makeup. Innovative pout-softening ingredients leave lips clean, healthy, incredibly refreshed and perfectly prepped for the rest of your lip care regimen.

A radiant smile starts here. Read our lips: it's time to Get Lippy!

Standalone price: S$139.10

Add-on price: S$107

Best for: Lip polishing & softening, brightening

Not for: Sunburn, post-laser, pregnant patients

Special notes:

This is great as an add-on to any existing facial.

Standalone prices applicable when treatments done alone. Add-on prices are applicable when treatments done concurrently with another full facial or full aesthetic treatment.

Available at:

Paragon and OUE Downtown Gallery


A - Fine lines, Wrinkles

B - Blemished, Acne-prone skin

C - Clogged pores

D - Dull, Tired skin