The new ways to protect against the sun

Sun protection has been spoken off for eons. We all know what it means – slathering a layer of thick, white cream on your skin. It may not always feel comfortable, in fact many have decided AGAINST sun protection for how sticky it can feel on the skin, AND also how ghostly (or more likely ghastly) white your skin becomes. Basically, it doesn’t feel good nor does it look good.

Yet we cannot ignore the fact that sunscreen is vital for protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Not only does it speed up the signs of aging (think lines, wrinkles and sagging skin), it could lead to cancer.

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Decisions. Decisions…

In a bid to save your skin and literally make it inexcusable for you to skip sunscreen, doctors and scientists have developed innovative ways one can use or even consume sunscreen.

If you find yourself constantly forgetting this all-important step, a facial wash with sunscreen would be perfect for you! Thanks to ionic technology, Guardian Angel facial cleanser not only effectively cleanses your skin, it also leaves behind a shield of invisible sun protection until your next wash. Parents especially have commented how useful this is for young children too – no more squirming and fighting hand and foot to get sunscreen on.

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Or you can choose to have your cake and eat it, literally. Oral sunscreen has been trending and becoming a more popular choice among those who dislike applying sunscreen. Heliocare Oral Ultra contains patented ingredient Fernblock, with excellent antioxidant properties and known to reduce free radical by up to 50%, preventing the formation of hyperpigmentation caused by UV rays. Studies have also shown that Fernblock slows down skin ageing by up to 55% by inhibiting collagen depletion caused by the sun’s rays.

For a multi-purpose skincare gem, how about trying a sunscreen mist instead of a cream-based product. Snow White Whitening Sunscreen Mist is a lightweight sunscreen that feels airy and light on your skin while still working hard to offer you broad-spectrum SPF30 sun protection. Not only does it dry quickly on the skin, it also brightens complexion for a fairer appearance.

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Now won’t you agree with me that there’s no reason why you should forget about your sun protection?