Getting that Glowing Goddess Skin

The beauty industry always has some new skincare regime or product that promises some pretty wild things. From complexion-improving raw eggs to exfoliating cinnamon, it seems that you can make a treatment out of almost anything.

Do these actually work? In theory, perhaps. But in reality? They rarely ever work, and on top of that there could be many dangerous side effects of such DIYs. So, we suggest that you stay away from internet-based DIYs that haven’t been researched properly, and stick to real treatments.

Those celebrities with that gorgeous glow didn’t get it easily, and they sure weren’t born with it either. In reality, it took plenty of time, effort and treatments before they could reveal their beautiful glow to the raving public. Sure, if you spent that much time and effort on treating your skin, you’d probably have skin as beautiful as theirs. But truth is, you barely have time for lunch, let alone a four-hour long skincare regime every day.

We know that you want that gorgeous glowing skin, and you want it fast. That’s why we have created the ultimate list of products and treatments that will get to work immediately on your skin, and you’ll see its effects overnight!

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1. Daytime Skincare

Unlike those skincare myths that claim your skin only repairs itself at night, the reality is that your skin is repairing itself both day and night, and is even in defence mode in the day. It is constantly battling against pollution and your surroundings, which is why its essential that you care for your skin even in the daytime.

Getting that glowing skin in the daytime comes from using the right products. AprilSkin’s Perfect Magic Snow Cream will help you achieve that effect through its formula of Himalayan glacier water. It is amazingly moisturizing and brightening, and can also be used as a primer to set your makeup better, and gives you a glowing base to work on.

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2. Night Time Skincare

Like we’ve said before, your skincare regime at night is extremely important, because your skin maintains and fixes itself then. To get beautiful, glowing skin literally overnight, the product of choice is SW1’s Sleep Mode Skin Renewing Smoothening Gel. This gel can be used both in the day and night, but it works best while you are fast asleep. It contains Glycolic acid that fades out the blemishes on your face, while exfoliating and moisturizing your skin at the same time. Overnight, your skin’s dullness will disappear!

3. Peels

While creams and serums are good, peels will take your skin to the next level. Their effects are heavier, and helps to rid your skin of dead cells too. Here are some peels; ones you can do at home, and ones you can find in aesthetic clinics.

Ahava’s Facial Renewal Peel is a peel you can use on your own, in the comfort of your house. It boasts ingredients such as water from the Dead Sea, which will fill your skin with vitamin C and other active ingredients. It helps to smoothen, and brighten your skin, and give you that youthful glow!

SW1’s Glamour Peel is a package of different in-clinic peels that target more than just glowing skin. It also helps to brighten, clarify, reduce pore size, moisturize, and balance your sebum levels. The peels range from oxygenating masques to regenerative ones, and you’ll never be able to achieve the same effect with any topical creams or serums. If you really want to get the most gorgeous, glowing skin in the shortest time possible, this is the choice for you!

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