Let the Skin-Cleaning Begin with these 4 Elements That Will Spark Joy!

Amidst all the ups we enjoy in our life, what goes up will eventually have to go down, and one of these downs we inevitably have to go through is the woe we know as aging. There is no way to turn back the clock on our youth, and most of us wear the effects of aging like a weathered badge.  Our skin condition begins its decline from the age of 30, where the skin starts to loosen. Wrinkles and fine lines will follow, from the ages of 35 onwards.

Growing old is already bad enough, and the lack of attention you’re paying to your skin can actually make you look older than you actually are. The good news is, there are 4 elements you can include in your skincare regimen that are by no means time-stopping, but may just keep you from looking your actual age.

#1. Vitamin 

Of all the anti-aging supplements, aesthetic treatments and facial masks out there, our skin might just lack something that is more organic and free of chemicals – something like Vitamin A. Vitamin A is primarily made up of retinol, famed for accelerating the process of skin renewal. Apart from this prominent quality, Vitamin A functions as an antioxidant that breaks down radicals that disrupt collagen production in your body.  Its anti-inflammatory properties also ensure the any form of acne bacteria will be systemically broken down and obliterated. And oh, it also acts as a shield against the harmful UV rays the sun emits too. The use of Vitamin A-rich products like Age Defy will definitely help you in your cause to well, defy age.

#2. Niacinamide

Moving down the alphabetical order, we have…Niacinamide. Big jump from “A” I know, but I’m actually referring to Vitamin B-3, the other moniker Niacinamide goes by.
The importance of this vitamin in our system transcends the depth of our skin. It is proven that a deficiency of Vitamin B-3 can actually cause kidney and even brain disorders. A healthy amount of this vitamin aids in the production of keratin, a form of protein that keeps the skin firm and glowing with health.
Aside from its prowess to minimize pores and adept control of sebum production, B-3 is also known for its efficacy against more severe pigmentation-related skin conditions, like eczema and rosacea. The Flawless Complexion Clearing Serum is the B3-rich product that you need for your skin. This pore-unclogging and refining wonder cream closes up your pores and smoothens and has a whitening effect on your face, while its Vitamin A content takes care of those pesky wrinkles.

#3. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is what I would like to call the “golden child” of all the vitamins out there.  Being the most famous vitamin of the lot, Vitamin C is revered primarily for its health benefits, but the magic it works on the skin cannot be ignored. It for one, fast-tracks the production of your collagen, which you need for firm and supple skin. Like most vitamins, it functions as an antioxidant as well. On top of that, Vitamin C is also doubles up as an effective sunscreen and moisturizer, keeping your skin safe from the merciless rays of the sun, and keeping it hydrated enough to prevent the formation of wrinkles. All in all, Vitamin C is basically everything you need to keep your skin in the pink of health. An elixir like this is best applied topically onto the skin after your cleanser and toner, and left overnight to work its wonder.

#4. Fruit Enzymes

We’re all aware of how a few pieces of fruit after your meals can be known to aid in your digestive system and bowel movement.  There are enzymes in fruits that effectively help to break down your food intake and grease the wheels of the digestive machine, but its properties extend to your skin as well.  There is an abundance of different enzymes you can find in fruits, but their qualities when it comes to skin health can be easily classified into 2 groups:
• Enzymes that aid in exfoliation of dead skin cells
• Enzymes for anti-inflammatory purposes

The removal of dead skin cells unclog your pores and allows them to shrink, resulting in a polished complexion, while anti-inflammatory enzymes prevent acne bacteria from building up on your skin, building up a defence against skin conditions like rosacea and acne.

The synergistic effect of these two groups of enzymes have a wondrous effect on your skin. No dead cells, no acne – and vice versa. Products like the Fruit Enzyme Serum contains both groups of enzymes that will leave little to chance when it comes to restoring the condition of your skin.

So, clear out all the icky stuff on your skin that does not spark any joy – the spring cleaning of your skin begins right NOW.