Vitamin A - The best vitamin for youthful skin

Everyone wants to know the secrets to everlasting beauty but I think we can all agree that the fountain of youth continues to elude us. Thankfully with modern day advancements in both skincare science and the field of nutrition, a powerful ingredient has been deemed a miracle worker to aid in slowing down the signs of aging. Cue in Vitamin A.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A, also known as retinol is loved by skin for its ability to promote cell turnover, as well as increase firmness, tone and elasticity in your skin while you sleep, which brings me to my next point. It is an ingredient that is best used at night as topical application as it can make your skin more sensitive to UV damage.

We all know that UV radiation is by and large responsible for skin to age and this is where Vitamin A swoops in to the rescue.

Top skin benefits of Vitamin A:

  • It fights free radicals preventing them from breaking down collagen.

  • It encourages the production of fibroblasts ie collagen, our youth’s best friend

  • It protects you skin by promoting cell production

Needless to say, Vitamin A is ESSENTIAL for your skincare regime. The best part? It’s not hard at all to incorporate Vitamin A daily, be it in your diet or topically.

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Having a diet rich in Vitamin A is a sure way to boost healthy skin from within. Foods that are rich in retinoid include:

·         salmon

·         beef liver

·         dairy products

·         eggs

·         fish

·         cod liver oil

·         shrimp

·         carrots

·         tomatoes

·         sweet potatoes

·         leafy green vegetables

·         fruits, such as mangoes, apricots, and plums

Alternatively, you can consume Vitamin A in the form of supplements and it is advised to stick to the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for vitamin A, 900 mcg and 700 mcg per day for men and women, respectively.

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Look out for products with Vitamin A as its key ingredient which can help to lift, firm and tone skin. Age Defy is a firm favourite of ours, packed with hyaluronic acid so your skin receives long lasting hydration too. If dull, tired skin is an added concern to aging skin, consider something that doubles up to counteract both these issues at the same time. Packed with adenosine, tranexamic acid and retinol, Unicorn Tears is an all-round skin enhancer that recharges and rejuvenates skin cells. Well loved for its water-based formula, skin feels bouncy and hydrated without any greasiness.

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Who doesn’t love an indulgent facial treatment? Find one that includes retinol for an added firming and lifting effect. Popular among many patients, the Retinol Peel is a Vitamin A-derived exfoliation to fight post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation and wrinkles and aid in improving skin firmness, elasticity and even reduce breakouts.