Best skin lifting treatments you need to know

Aging has its ways of wreaking havoc on our skin. Wrinkles, pigmentation and sagginess are just some of the not-so-pretty sights associated with aging. Some say it’s due to external factors such as sun exposure, pollution and gravity. Others say it’s down to the genetic makeup of a person. They’re all not wrong and it is a complex combination of factors that cause one to age better or worse than the person next to them.

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Besides wishing that we strike the antiaging lottery in the gene pool, and choosing to make wiser lifestyle choices such as not smoking, or going out with adequate amounts of sun protection, what other options do we have that won’t cost an arm and a leg?

What creams are made of…

Creams would seem a likely choice, given the ease of purchasing one. However, the plethora available for choice can leave one confused and frustrated. If wrinkles are the bane of your existence, find a product that’s packed with hyaluronic acid goodness and even retinol, known for its plumping, firming and hydrating effects for a more youthful appearance. Even dull skin could sometimes be mistaken for old skin. Brighten lacklustre skin with products infused with lycopene and resveratrol, which works well as an antiaging antioxidant. Also look out for products that protect skin from free radical damage and pollution with products packed chocked full of essential vitamins such as Vitamin A, C and E.

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Beyond skin-deep…

For treatments that go beyond skin deep for a lifting effect, consider medical-grade facials that uses ultrasound skin lifting technology that not only tones the skin, but also revitalises and rejuvenates skin for a younger, fresher appearance.