Do you know that natural (ingredients) is not always best?

Natural ingredients aren't always best

Being green and eating organic has led many to believe that it’s only natural that natural ingredients is the way to go for their skincare products. But all-natural isn’t always better or the best and preservatives aren’t always the bad guy.

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Preservatives is an essential ingredient in skincare products as they help to protect the product from contamination as they are being used by the customer, and to keep it free from damage caused by microorganisms. Preservatives may also be added to protect products from damage and degradation (think brown spots and bad smells) due to exposure to oxygen. Without preservatives, products will become contaminated, causing irritation and / or infections to the users.   

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Preservatives such as parabens have been safely used in products for almost 100 years, and are permitted for use by agencies in all countries. In fact, parabens used in our cosmetic products is identical to those found in nature. 

So really, there’s no real concern with having preservatives in your products. In fact, we should all be thankful they are there to keep our products lasting long.