Best Skincare Essentials You Should Have In Your 20s


In your twenties: Great collagen support keeps your skin supple and gives you a healthy glow. It’s not all sunshine and roses for women in their twenties, though. Many experience acne, even if it wasn’t an issue for them in their teens, with pimples popping up on the lower face and along the jawline in particular. How you care for your skin in this decade will determine what kind of damage you deal with in your thirties and forties—which is why it’s so important to wear sunscreen year-round.

Ingredients to look out for:

To treat acne, use an anti-inflammatory product with niacinimade, a form of vitamin B3, such as Blue Orchid moisturizer.

CITRINE Pure vitamin c elixir

CITRINE Pure vitamin c elixir

A oil-free antioxidant product in your morning routine, like Citrine can be a good investment for your skin to combat stress and lifestyle changes in this decade, and will do wonders preventing burgeoning fine lines from turning into wrinkles.

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Facials to look out for:

Deep Deep Clean: This should be in your arsenal against clogged pores and  accumulated makeup debris left overnight after one drink too many. Starting with clear skin is the best foundation for your skin; it keeps your skin clear and healthy and ensures that whatever product you apply gets absorbed quickly.

Aqua.dermabrasion: This super cleaning process uses vitaminized water and is suitable for patients who like to hydrate while deep cleansing skin. Great for skin that is sensitive and those who want a super-comfortable experience, Aqua.dermabrasion leaves no pore ‘unflushed’ in the process.

Clear Blue: Sometimes breakouts like bad hair days happen. To combat this without leaving tell-tale scars from overzealous extractions, consider Clear Blue facials that go a step beyond deep cleansing to detox skin using medical grade blue light therapy. Cumulative effects mean that repeated sessions add to greater skin clarity.

O2 Blush: What you lack in your 20s is mostly sleep and great fresh air. While wrinkles are not apparent yet, damage is apparent by dull and unbalanced complexions. O2 Blush uses medical grade oxygen to rejuvenate and bring your skin back from the brink into the pink of health.

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