5 Things You Did Not Know About Monroe Hydrafacial

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From relaxing tense facial muscles and alleviating tension in the skin, to supporting collagen and helping aid the absorption of luxurious creams and serums, incorporating a facial into your daily beauty routine might just be the fast-track you need to flawless skin.

We reviewed our iconic Monroe Hydrafacial, largely known for its skin-whitening prowess, and found out five things that make it a cut above the rest.



1.     It is named after Marilyn Monroe, who was known for her creamy fair skin.

2.     It incorporates the patented Hydrafacial technology which utilises a customised cocktail of three specialized AHA, BHA and vitaminized solutions to purge, clean and restore your complexion from within. Skin feels brighter and cleaner immediately! 

3.     As a firm believer of photobiomodulation lights, we are super thrilled that Monroe Hydrafacial delivers not one but two light therapies in red and blue to do double duty rejuvenating and clarifying skin.

4.     Vitamins that brighten and impart glow are infused into skin using sound waves in a process called sonophoresis.

5.     It finishes with a Pearl éclat mask that does wonders in giving skin a luminous and porcelain sheen. 





For more details of the Monroe Hydrafacial, call us at +65 68178888. 

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