How to Get Instagram-Ready Skin

How to get instagram-ready skin

Everyone loves a good selfie. Add on filters that can enhance your pictures, with the added benefit of hiding skin imperfections, and you’ve got yourself a star-worthy Instagram post.

But what if we told you, you could achieve the same result (naturally!) without having to resort to these filters? Find out the top beauty treatments and products recommended by aesthetic doctor, Dr Michelle Lim, of SW1 Clinic.

Illuminate your skin

Restore skin’s luminosity with this star facial from SW1. Illumi facial clinically brightens skin while you enjoy a pampering and relaxing session. Combining the benefits of a glow-giving photo shower using broadband light, this is a painless procedure perfect for anyone looking to improve dull and pigmentated skin.

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The revolutionary BBL technology sends light energy deep into skin to boost the skin’s natural ability to fight ageing, so skin doesn’t just look younger, it’s programmed to be younger. Patients notice an improvement in fine lines, pore size and acne scars, while smoothening rough, textured skin.

Get sexy

Clean, glowing skin is sexy! Taking a leaf from 60s icon, Bardot Hydrafacial places extreme emphasis on purifying skin, with the aid of the patented Hydrafacial MD technology as well as naturally sourced French magnetite masks to purge clogged pores thoroughly.

With a clean slate in place, skin-restoring vitamins and vital antioxidants are infused to keep your skin resilient, healthy and sexy. This is followed by a shot of rainbow LED photobiomodulation, correcting various skin issues all at once.

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This is a perfect facial for the busy jetsetter, with little time to spare or for who simple enjoys multi-tasking.

Daily rituals

Don’t underestimate what the right creams and serums can do for your face.

Combining Mequinol, Vitamin A and Ascorbic Acid, these well-known dermal lighteners in Special Effects work to address hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage, blemishes and even acne scarring. Recommended to be used daily on clean skin, Special Effects helps to even out skin tone, illuminate dull and damaged skin, while repairing cellular damage from the environment. In no time, skin will look radiant, luminous and pigment-free.

Another favourite of ours is Hologram, an illuminating skin primer that promises to lift, tone and seal in moisture while protecting skin against everyday pollution and free radical damage. This nifty product contains the optimal amounts of Vitamin A, C and E in its freshest and most absorbable form and doubles up as a makeup primer. Not only does it keep skin hydrated, it also lends skin a diffused soft focus effect, perfect for your next selfie.  

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