The Best-Kept Grooming Secrets Of Successful CEOs

“Heavy is the head that wears the crown.”

This famous saying should ring very true for all the shot-callers out there. The leaders, the chairmen, the directors and the CEOs.

Being the brains of the organization, decisions that may make or break the business fall into their lap all the time. Throw man management and networking into the mix, and they’ve got their hands full.

Running a company also means that they are the face of their company; not by choice but by default. How they present themselves aesthetically to the public eye, clients, and prospects plays a pivotal role in how successful the business is.

A well-groomed and well-dressed individual that projects confidence and commands a presence is bound to generate more hype and revenue, than someone looking less sharp.

There is a method to the madness of looking immaculate, and there is no better place to draw your grooming inspiration from than highly successful people who have the world at their feet.

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Barber Up

The grooming starts from the top, where your head of hair lies. A decent haircut can really do wonders for the frame of your face.

You need to leave your hair in the hands of a reliable barber that knows what is best for your face type, how to fade your hair, even down to the product you should use. Once you find the right man for the job, never let him go!

Your barber should also be your first line of defense where hair fall issues are concerned. No one has a more explicit view of your scalp. Any sign of the beginnings of male pattern baldness should be flagged by him, and treated with immediate effect.

Earlier stages of hair loss can be dealt with by 30-minute sessions of Revitascalp, the hair’s equivalent of a facial. Pump your scalp full of hair-boosting nutrients with this non-invasive hair therapy.

For more pronounced cases of hair loss, the Kera-clone is another crown-salvaging procedure you can turn to. Also clocking in at 30 minutes, this is an upgrade to the more painful and lengthy hair transplant, and comes without the discomfort and prominent scarring the latter brings.

A good hair day is your first step to taking on the day with great aplomb.

Beard to Perfection

Facial hair, if grown and groomed well can pile on the character and add on oodles of charm to your appearance. There is something about a man with well-maintained facial hair, that just exudes wisdom and appeal.

Growing out your facial hair could either work for you or against you though. Keeping a tight ship would make you look good, but poor maintenance will just make you look unkempt.

Also, know and understand what kind of facial hair you should grow out to suit the shape of your face.

Some facial furniture like a goatee on the chin would complement rounder face shapes, as they will elongate your face and make it look sharper.

For people with stronger jaws and squarer face shapes, you would want facial hair that highlights, rather than exaggerates. A softer beard like a circle beard would accentuate your strong jaw while giving your chin some length.

You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference the right kind of facial hair can make to your general appearance.

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Scent of Success

One of the most understated ways to impress is to wear a scent that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Woody, spicy or herby scents endow you with a sense of maturity and sophistication, while the lighter and citrusy ones will exude a more carefree and playful disposition. Pick out one that meshes with your personality.

Picking out the right kind of cologne or perfume will make you leave an indelible impression on anyone who catches a whiff of it. It is an identity of sorts, and anyone within your proximity will know and feel your presence via your signature scent.

Having a presence = commanding the attention of everyone around you. That is a true sign of confidence.

Face Value

Last but not least, the money-maker itself – the face. It is a very common practice for men to have a sliver of disregard or more, when it comes to skincare.

The truth is, most men who take pride in how they look, and how they present themselves swear by a skincare regime that is minimal on the fuss and downtime, but optimal in effect.

A little laser light treatment here to even out the skin tone and remove fine lines and wrinkles, baby drop fillers there to keep the skin baby soft and supple, these are actually very common practices the model modern man swear by.

They’ll never let you know how they look that good – but you heard it here first.

Humans are very visual creatures, and no other part of the body is more prominent than your face. So take some time to really take care of your facial well-being, and make a concerted effort to make sure you have a skincare regime you will religiously stick to.

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Pitch Perfect

If you feel enlightened by all of these grooming tips, but feel that you have some areas you might need a little bit of time to work on – not in time for that big meeting in 2 days, fret not.

The Boardroom Program is a suite of treatments specially designed to fix you up to be pitch-ready… in 50 minutes or less.

Consisting of treatments to combat hair loss or maintain the luster and volume of your hair, laser light procedures to smoothen and radiate your skin, capped off with hydrating masks, this is the ultimate quick fix you need to boost your confidence and knock your clients off your feet.

Enter your meeting room, perfectly groomed and ready to conquer.