Melissa, 24

At first, I was quite reluctant in going ahead with a facial treatment because I never quite believed that they are effective and painless. But recently, my dull and lifeless skin has called out to me for an urgent need to fix my troubling skin concern. Being an individual who loves being in front of the camera and an active social media user who always updates my friends of my current activities through pictures, my dull and uneven skin tone affected my self-esteem drastically. Every time I open up my front camera or look into any mirror around me, my confidence level dipped. Hence, I made up my mind to do something about it. I approached SW1 clinic after hearing many good reviews of their facial treatments and decided to try it out myself!

When I first entered the clinic, I was warmly welcomed by the staffs. The whole atmosphere was calming and peaceful, contributing to a very pleasant experience for my first visit to a medical clinic. After speaking to my therapist, she recommended for me to do the O2 Blush. Being very new to all the different types of facial treatments, my therapist was very patient and clear in explaining the step-by-step process of the whole treatment to me. I really appreciate how my therapist always informs me of each step before proceeding with it. She also constantly checks up on me during the process to ensure that I do not experience any discomfort at any point. I vividly remembered my therapist carefully executing the full face Oxy Shot therapy, where my clogged pores cleared and my whole face felt a lot more light-weight afterward! 

I feel at ease and comfortable throughout the whole treatment. It was painless and super effective! Results were immediately observed after the first session and I was honestly, pleasantly surprised. My skin feels much more supple and bright even without any make-up on! I went along with my day and my skin no longer feel oily like how it used to. My dewy and hydrated skin complexion definitely help boost my confidence now!

I strongly recommend anyone who’s looking towards getting a quick fix in achieving a naturally glowing and radiant look!

[ 9/10 ]

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