Margaret Wong, 39

I’m always up for the latest beauty treatments and when I found out that SW1 clinic offered a new facial, named 717 for its 7 different growth factors and 17 amino acids, I was intrigued.

My skin colour is quite tanned and I have some pigmentation on my cheeks. Recently I’ve been more concerned about taking care of my skin as I do realise I’m getting older and it’s starting to show on my face – fines lines, dull skin and an overall tiredness that can’t be washed away.

I decided to give this facial a try, hoping to regain a brighter, healthier complexion.

The facial did not disappoint. My therapist, Fiona was extremely professional and put me at ease with her confidence in the way she described each step of the treatment and in answering all my questions.

My face was treated to a retinol peel to remove dead skin cells and reveal brighter skin, followed by an exfoliating scrub. A skin stimulator was used to help the 717 serum penetrate better into the skin, with sonophoresis used on the remaining 717.

The entire treatment was very comfortable and soothing. In fact, my skin looked a shade fairer immediately after the session, visibly noticed by my therapist and friends.

Skin felt firmer and plumper too and looked brighter on the 2nd day. I loved the results of the 717 facial and especially loved being able to show off my skin without covering up with layers of makeup.

[ 9/10 ]

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