Why soap-free cleansers are the best thing for your face

Many of us love the luxuriating lathering of a good soap, be it the start of the morning or the end of a long, tiring day. The foams and bubbles are half of what makes for a good bath or shower. In fact, I’m sure many of you like me, are inclined to associate foam with a good cleanser, be it our shampoo, body wash and even face wash.

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But it couldn’t be further from the truth. What makes a cleanser foam and bubble up is an ingredient commonly used, called SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate). It is widely known to be a skin irritant, ie it can strip the skin of its natural oils which can cause dry skin, irritations (such as eczema, dermatitis, itchy skin and scalp) and reactions. It can also be irritating on the eyes.

It can even cause your skin to become oilier as the skin overcompensates for the loss of natural oils that have been stripped away.

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With such considerations in mind, it’s vital for your skin health that you find the right cleanser for it. Dermatologists recommend that opting for a gentler cleanser is always best, irrespective of your skin type, that’s just as good as dissolving oil and dirt, and getting rid of environmental pollutants that are damaging for your skin in the long run.

Just because it’s gentle, doesn’t mean it’s ‘weak’ or ineffective. Here’re my top picks of cleansers that are tough on cleansing while maintaining the perfect pH balance of your skin.

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1. SKIN GYM Deep Cleansing Gel – loved for its multitasking ability to melt away traces of oil, impurities makeup. This deep pore cleanser leaves skin deeply cleansed without the squeaky, tight feeling. Skin is left with a radiant glow that feels smooth to the touch.


2. SAKE RITUAL Sake-Infused Whitening Cleanser – this magical cleanser starts off as an innocuous gel that deeply cleanses debris from the skin before transforming into cleansing milk that lifts surface oil for a thorough cleanse. Formulated with rice bran extracts, this non-foaming cleanser not only removes makeup and impurities, it also tones and brightens skin. Skin feels fresh, revived and toned without any tightness.


3. NAKED Black Orchid Milk Makeup Remover – a gentle, milky makeup remover infused with black orchid extracts, known for their antiaging benefits, that helps skin to maintain its elasticity and health. Makeup and debris dissolve easily and is washed away effortlessly, leaving skin feeling soft and supple.