Being attractive is easier than you think, according to study.

Being attractive is easier than you think, according to study.

In 1997, Mehrabian and Blum started a research based on a simple idea – they wanted to find out what physical features were found to be most attractive to the opposite sex. More importantly, they wanted to find out the relative importance of stable features, such as body type and height vs changeable features such as grooming and clothing when it comes to physical attractiveness. Basically, they wanted to find out what combinations deemed a person attractive.

In their study, they presented 117 male and female university students with pictures of 76 partners of the opposite sex, all with different physical features. The students then had to rate the attractiveness of the people pictured and have their emotional responses measured. Based on statistical analysis of the data given, the researchers figured out who was attractive and why.

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What stood out as the most attractive feature simply boiled down to “self-care”. These included changeable aspects like good grooming, neat hair, well fitted and good quality clothing, a healthy weight and even good posture. In essence it was the effort that individuals put into self-care that made them attractive, not a super-buff body or plastic surgery to correct one’s appearance.

We can all then unanimously agree that being attractive is not as difficult as one might think. Just a little self-awareness goes a long way, along with a dose of pleasantness.

Hair on, Hair off

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Clean slate

Having an arsenal of skincare products that cares for and protects your skin is paramount to daily grooming. Be it an effective makeup remover, a good cleanser or even a hardworking sunscreen to keep skin protected from harmful UV rays, when used together, will work towards better skin for you in the long run.

Treat yourself

Sometimes when your regular skincare products just will not do, why not check yourself in and entrust your skin to the specialists. Be it a deep cleaning facial or a glow-inducing laser treatment, you will be pleased to know medical advances have, well advanced and there’s almost an answer for every skincare concern out there.

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