A "Hot" New Facial That's Revolutionizing Beauty

A hot new facial that's revolutionizing beauty

At some point you will have to face the inevitable and accept the hard, cold reality when you notice more wrinkles and lines around your face. Ageing to most is never a pretty sight but thank goodness for medical advances in aesthetics, where a myriad of choices abound when it comes to looking young again, and even better, without having to undergo any form of surgery.

We think we just might have struck gold with the Cold Plasma Facial that ticks all the boxes for us.

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Firmer, younger looking skin. Tick.

Smaller pore. Tick.

Reduce pigmentation. Tick.

Comfortable. Tick.

No downtime. Tick.

What is it?

Cold Plasma Facial

In a nutshell…

A multitasking facial for those who are looking for a triple boost in skin firmness, fairness and radiance. This unique aspect of this facial is that it uses nitrogen plasma energy, also known as the 4thstate of matter. This unique energy is non-fractionated and delivers controlled heating to the skin and essentially creates new skin surface with collagen being stimulated for a firmer, tighter skin in the following weeks to months after the treatment.

Patients have noticed an improvement in the appearance of superficial fine lines and deep wrinkles with enhanced skin tone and skin tightening with this treatment.

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How often should I do it?

This facial can be a one-off treatment prior to a red carpet event if you’re looking for an intense skin rejuvenation and glow, or done regularly to prolong skin enhancing benefits.