My Beauty Survival Kit

As October peeks around the corner, I can’t help but countdown to the holiday I have in store for the end of the year. Like many of you, a holiday excites me like no other; the booking of flights and accommodation, researching on my travel destination for must-dos like shopping and eating, and getting to visit a new city for the first time.

But I must confess, there is one thing about a holiday that I’m least fond of, which is the getting there - hours and hours on end limited to a confined space and recycled air (the horror!). I know, I know, these are but first world problems.

In this light, I have come up with my very own first world solutions for them, and the top 3 products that continue to work hard for my skin as I’m cruising to my holiday destination.

Balm on, Balm off

If you look in any of my bags at any one time, you will be sure to find lip balm, more specifically Rose Quartz Oil Moisture Lip Treatment. This light lip treatment goes on easily and provides a nourishing treat for my lips, without it feeling sticky or oily.  Not only does this keep my lips well hydrated, it also works well as a lip gloss over lipstick. With or without lipstick, I know I can entrust my pouters to this lippy miracle oil.

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Hit me Baby, one more time

Another favourite beauty treat of mine is Reset Rejuvenating Facial Mist. This inconspicuous liquid in a clear bottle is a multi-hyphenate, allowing me to pack a little lighter in the toiletries department. Spritz onto a clean cotton pad to remove light makeup (and even mascara!), it also doubles up as a toner and triples up as a refreshing facial mist for hot days.

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Stay protected

Be it a hot or cold climate, as long as there’s sun, you’re going to need sun protection. To play it safe, I personally prefer a higher dose of SPF in my sunscreen products, which is why Umbrella UV-Protection & Light-Diffusing Cream is perfect for me. At SPF 70, this hardworking sunscreen doesn’t feel too greasy or sticky, and most importantly does not impart a ghostly-white appearance on my olive skin.

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Now that you’ve survived the flight and made it to your holiday city, it’s time to let your hair down and take in the sights and sounds!