Treat your skin to the goodness of oxygen with this oxygenating facial mask. Activates on contact with skin, as it bubbles to release pure fresh oxygen to brighten dull skin, promoting instant complexion revival.

Oxygen Facial also works wonders to detoxify combination skins, cleaning out pores and mopping up excess shine to leaves skin calm and balanced, making it the perfect add-on for acne sufferers and those experiencing poor healing and skin congestion. Best done after a thorough cleansing of the face such as Aqua-dermabrasion or Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing.

Standalone price: S$107

Add-on price: S$80.25

Best for: healing, glow, detoxifying

Not for: pregnant patients

Suitable skin types:


Special notes:

Oxygenating masks are great for stimulating circulation, especially in smokers and the jetlagged.

Standalone prices applicable when treatments done alone. Add-on prices are applicable when treatments done concurrently with another full facial or full aesthetic treatment. 

Available at:

Paragon and OUE Downtown Gallery


A - Fine lines, Wrinkles

B - Blemished, Acne-prone skin

C - Clogged pores

D - Dull, Tired skin