Delivers pure oxygen (over 98% ‎O2) directly to the skin. Skin cells are detoxified, oxygenated and recharged to instantaneously boost skin glow and enhance overall skin health. Oxygen effectively combats visible signs of skin aging linked to poor oxygen delivery or insufficient oxygen supply.

Oxy Shot helps to address this deficiency by delivering highly concentrated oxygen molecules directly to the epidermis. A stream of highly-pressurized purified oxygen is applied directly to the face and neck, promoting regeneration and rejuvenation of skin cells, as well as speeding up recovery of weakened tissues. Studies have shown improvement in skin healing as well as a reduction of skin inflammation. Initially utilized for medical purposes such as skin and wound healing*, SW1 Clinic has now utilized its magnificient skin regeneration properties in the aesthetic setting.

Excellent for those who wants a quick rejuvenative skin pick-me-up with no side effects. Also a great add-on for acne sufferers and those experiencing poor healing and skin congestion. Best done after a thorough cleansing of the face such as Aqua-dermabrasion or Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing.

* Medical Studies

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat diabetes impaired wound healing in rats

The effects of topical oxygen therapy on equine distal limb dermal wound healing

Standalone price: Full Face Mask S$139.10

Add-on price: Full Face Mask S$107

Standalone price: Full Face Intensive Therapy S$208.65

Add-on price: Full Face Intensive Therapy S$160.50   

Best for: healing, glow, anti-aging, detoxifying

Not for: pregnant patients

Suitable skin types:


Special notes:

Oxygen therapy has been used for medical purposes and sports medicine. The same high grade, 98% pure oxygen delivery system is being used for our therapeutic facials and add-ons at SW1 Spa.

Standalone prices applicable when treatments done alone. Add-on prices are applicable when treatments done concurrently with another full facial or full aesthetic treatment.

Available at:

Paragon and OUE Downtown Gallery


A - Fine lines, Wrinkles

B - Blemished, Acne-prone skin

C - Clogged pores

D - Dull, Tired skin