The best foundation you can wear is glowing, healthy skin.

Love the barely-there look with a sexy blush to top it off? Our OM sextet is just what you need.Coveted for its skin enhancing effect, O2 Blush facial saturates the skin with pure, high concentration oxygen, for a gorgeous natural glow. In addition, our signature Monroe Hydrafacial will rejuvenate complexion and restore skin to its optimal fairness and luminescence.

Ideally suited:  Dull, pigmented skin

Karma skin points: Glow


1. O2 Blush 90min

2. Monroe Hydrafacial  75min

3. O2 Blush 90min

4. Monroe Hydrafacial  75min

5. O2 Blush 90min

6. Monroe Hydrafacial 75min

Price: S$1899.25 (Actual value: $2279.10)

Expiry: 12months

Recommended add-ons:

Retinol Peel

What: Revives dull skin, clears pores

Uses: Retinol, glycolic acid

Price: S$85.60

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