Keep calm & carry on.

Suited for sensitive skin, this series combine Deep Red and O2 Blush facials to gently clean and refresh your skin. We don’t just go skin deep though. Cell metabolism is given a boost so your skin becomes firmer and plumper, and you look more radiant and youthful. To top it off, a good dose of oxygen leaves your skin with a gorgeous, sexy glow.

Ideally suited: Sensitive skin

Karma skin points: Peace & balance


1. Deep Red 75min

2. O2 Blush 90min

3. Deep Red 75min

4. O2 Blush 90min

5. Deep Red 75min

6. O2 Blush 90min

Price: S$1658.20 (Actual value: $1990.20)

Expiry: 12months

Recommended add-ons:

Plasma C Boost

What: Strengthens skin

Uses: Vitamin C, White Plasma

Price: S$107

Available at: