Created to give everyone on the planet a fighting chance of attaining supermodel legs, Cellu-Melt uses a proprietary blend of actives in a skin plumping hyaluronic acid base, delivered using a specialized ‘acu-point’ technique. Targets uneven texture and weakened dermal supports by boosting collagen and elastin production. Excellent to improve skin tone and texture as well as to smoothen out the dreaded ‘orange peel’ effect of cellulite-afflicted legs. Complete with a body masque specially formulated to restore skin hydration, softness and suppleness, this 60-minute treatment is your go-to if you want to improve the appearance of cellulite or stretch marks, short of divine intervention.

Cellu-Melt is best paired with Onda Body Magic for an overall skin tightening, cellulite-busting effect.



1x  $800     8x  $3000


1x $600      8x  $2000


1x $600     8x  $2000

Best for: Cellulite skin

Not for: Post-laser, sunburn, pregnant patients

Suitable skin types:


Special notes:

This treatment uses active ingredients such as vitamins and hyaluronic acid as well as a special ‘acupoint’ technique to stimulate body skin renewal.

Available at:

Paragon and OUE Downtown Gallery