"Every age can be enchanting, provided you live within it" - Brigitte Bardot

Taking a leaf from this 60s icon, clean, glowing skin oozes sex appeal. This detoxifying facial places supreme emphasis on purifying skin, with the aid of patented Hydrafacial MD technology as well as naturally sourced French magnetite masks to purge clogged pores thoroughly. Starting on a clean slate ensures profound results; skin-restoring vitamins & vital antioxidants are infused to keep your skin resilient, healthy and sexy. This is chased with a shot of rainbow LED photobiomodulation. Meant for all skin types, LED photobiomodulation therapy in the rainbow spectrum --- red, green, blue, yellow, means multi-tasking correction of most complexion issues in one go.

From rejuvenation, control of sebum, to improvement of skin healing, this hardworking facial is perfect for the busy jetsetter with little time on her hands or someone with a penchant for multi-tasking. 


1 session    $331.70

6 sessions    $1658.50

Best for: Clogged, congested skins

Not for: Pregnant or sensitive skins

Suitable skin types:


Special notes:

Uses detoxifying magnetite particles to draw impurities by use of magnetic force as well as photobiomodulation light of the rainbow spectrum.

Available at:

Paragon and OUE Downtown Gallery